Why does the mainstream press continue to promote the falsehood that Our President is "a team of one?"
Today's NYT headline, "Impeachment Strategy? A One-Man War Room," obscures the true facts.

Our Dear President is an Involver-in-Chief. Take his latest Ukraine gambit. Didn't Our Dear One call on the services of Legal Wiz Rudy and his firm; AG Barr and his DOJ crew; Department of Secretary Pompeo and his loyal aides; and even quiet but faithful Vice Pres Pence? And what about all the White House staff who are tasked with hiding his secret communications? After all, Our Donald doesn't do the xeroxing all by himself. 

"Hey everybody! I'm about to make a great, great telephone call. Come listen to how a perfect telephone call to a chief- of-state is made," are the words that frequently echoes through the halls of the White House. Our Sharer-in-Chief invites not just to his hardworking but less capable Cabinet members but whoever happens to be around. 

Isn't this proof that Our Dear President sincerely wishes to share responsibility?



Our Early Bird President is on the job, and the official election hasn't even officially begun. He learned from the last election, that you have got to get your foreign friends busy well before the suckers vote. Selling voters nonesense takes time. 

If the Ukraine wants our bucks then why shouldn't they help reelect the guy who signs the check? Not every country can give it away gratis the way Russia does.

No wonder that our Greatest Cheater is worshipped by our Church faithful. He will, with a clear conscience and straight face, cheat, lie, extort, and defame anyone and everyone to win reelection. 

What greater honor is there than to serve oneself while lying about serving the country you profess to love? 
Who wouldn't bend the rules if losing meant jail time?

No need now to be concerned about the law. AG Barr, a distinguished member of our flock, has Our Cheater-in-Chief's back. And despite what people say about "equal justice," Our Dear Boy cannot be touched.