"Bolton is out, proving blind loyalty to a narcissist never works"

In the strongest terms, The Church of Sycophantology objects to the false morality that informs this headline in today's Washington Post.

If Mr. Bolton was blindly loyal as stated by The Post, he would have obeyed our Church's sacred dictum: OBEDIENCE IS TRUST.

Again and again and again, time has proven to the world that Our Greatest President is always right, about everything. Obviously (except for Mr. Bolton), it is the job of Our President's aides to implement his brilliant policies, not to disagree with them. 

Loyalty is not offering alternative ideas or policies. That is disloyalty, and even worse, it is wasting our Leader's precious time. Our Leader doesn't need Bolton's half-baked escapades and wars. He has other, more important, issues to deal with.

It is The Church's position that true loyalty is providing Our Loving Leader with additional income by booking rooms and parties at his incredible, lush hotels, and by helping him find more time to jaunt and sport on one his many great golf courses.

And one need not say, OBEY.